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A Journey Through Space - The Main Event 2
A Journey Through Space - The Main Event 2

17.12.2017, 02:10

About The Site is a free, not-for-profit website which was created to bring you images of scenery from this amazing country. The site's creator and photographer, Graham Smith, was inspired to start the site after gathering an extensive collection of images from around the country, taken throughout his own travels. You can read more about Graham's background in the About The Photographer section.

We do hope you enjoy the images on this site, and hope that in some way, a small piece of Scotland will enter your home through these pictures, regardless of where you might be in the world. As Graham continues to travel around Scotland, so too does the image gallery grow. In general, we aim to add some new images at least once a month. The site will flag new images with a small "new" icon. You can also view only new images, by clicking on the "New Images" option in the top menu bar.

The site is broken down into a small number of categories to aid in browsing the large number of images contained within. The categories are designed so that you can view those images of most interest to you. As you view each image on the site, you also have the option to "Rate" each photo anonymously, by giving it a score from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best score. These ratings are then used to produce the Top Image rankings. It's also great for us to see which photos are really popular and which ones aren't so great. We'll use this information to help make decisions about what images to add to the site in the future.

All images on the site are presented “on screen" at a resolution of 736 pixels wide (height is dependent on the presentation format). This resolution was chosen as it was deemed the best compromise between image quality and download time, whilst catering for the wide array of screen resolutions in use around the world. Should you choose to download a image from the site, you have the choice of either the 800 pixel width version, or a larger 1024 pixel width version, both of which are probably more suited for using the image as a backdrop.

Visitors are encouraged to download images on the site for their own personal use (for example, for use as desktop wallpaper), however please remember that all the images on this site are copyright and cannot be redistributed, reproduced or retransmitted without prior consent. If you do wish to reproduce or use the images for commercial purposes, permission must be obtained from us (we can also supply much higher resolution and non-watermarked versions of the images, for commercial use). If you would like more information about using the images commercially, or about the copyright in general, please don't hesitate to contact us. relies entirely on personal finances and donations from visitors to continue operating. If you enjoy and would like to contribute to the ongoing costs of the site by making a donation, you can do so here. We love hearing feedback, suggestions and comments from visitors too, so feel free to drop us a line via the Contact Us page.

Finally, thank you for visiting We hope you enjoy browsing the site and please come back again soon!



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